HERE'S WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY....                   

"Florian Tools is a family owned business that has been making their tools in the U.S.A. for several decades and has a long-held reputation for excellence and customer service.  I like their sturdy ratchet hand pruners and heavy-duty long-handled loppers that make trimming easy on you and your shrubs." – Ilene Sternberg

Originally published in the
Washington Post
Thursday, August 16, 2007

Andy Spakoski,  a moonlighting landscaper of 18 years in East Winsdor, CT who visited the Big E last September to purchase Florian Tools had this to say: “ I love it.” They're awesome,” he says, adding that Florian tools make jobs take less time. “You can be in and out.” Not only does he find the tools more effective than cheaper varieties, but he is also pleased to be buying a product made in Southington. (CT)  “Anything American –made, I’ll buy it. You better believe it.” 

Excerpt from the Hartford Courant 2010

“These ratcheting tools are especially well suited for anyone with arthritis or diminished strength.
“I’ve been using both the pruner and the maxi lopper for about 20 years now, and these tools are so powerful and durable that I would never choose any other brand.”         

- Cheryl Long              As Seen in Mother Earth News  April/May Issue 2010 

"Pruning shears vary in size, cutting mechanism, extra features, and ease of use.  So how do you select teh one that's best for you? The first step is to understand some of the terms used to describe types of pruners.

Ratchet or gear-type pruners use a mechanism similar to a car jack that multiplies hand strength, making pruning cuts easier. They're recommended for gardeners whose hand strength has been diminished by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Ratchet pruners can be anvil or bypass type."

As seen in Organic Gardening Magazine  Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Issue