• Real Estate

    The Convenience of Living in Mobile Homes

    With early retirement on the rise and people living on fixed incomes, it’s no surprise that manufactured homes or better known as mobile homes are going up everywhere. The main advantage of living in a mobile home is that they’re affordable and many of them are built ENERGY STAR appliances, which makes it energy efficient. In the long run, living in a mobile home lowers your monthly heating and electricity bills.

    Commercial Properties and Land Real Estate

    Looking to buy land real estate? You can find it here! Shop from the world's largest selection of acre land lots for sale. There’s a misconception that investing in commercial property is far riskier than residential property because the numbers are larger. Try arranging where your business is the tenant, guaranteeing you rent for as long as you’re in business.

    Alternative Real Estate Options

    In the market for other real estate investments? We have them here! There’s an attractive market for subletting vacation homes, cottages, and condos for short-term lease. If subletting is your thing, check out the selection of timeshares for sale.

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