Old master Franch violin labeled: Albert Caressa 1925 !!! Look fine old ! ! !

USD 999.0
1d 9h 16min

Nice old 4/4 old Interesting quality Italian violin for sale. Violins are in good condition. This violin is used please see photo ! ! ! No open crash ! ! ! Violin perfectly prepared gr every detail. European wood very well- FINE OLD VARNISH and fine wood ! ! ! They have incredible deep tons suitable for all categories of play. The silky yellow varnish is of a soft rexture with a magnificent appearance. Highly recommended for a serious musician or a collector. Leght of back is 357mm- 35,7cm its full size violin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payments: Paypal or Bank. Policy: ...

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All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepted

Size: 4/4

Model: old fine violin 4/4

Type: Old master Italian violin labeled

MPN: 4/4

Brand: Albert Caressa 1925

Skill Level: Advanced

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