lMH 120 bass accordion , George riddle

USD 112.5
4h 19min

I play accordion everyday . I think this item sounds great to my ear and I enjoy playing it.Many of the upper piccolo reeds to do not play . Above they key marked with a lime colored piece of paper in the picture. . A few clarinet reeds do not play above the green painters tape on the piano keyboard in the picture . Typically this is due to lint or dust in that reed. Hopefully your repair tech can fix if needed. Are those teeny tiny and quiet reeds going to you affect your playing...? The grille removes properly via two knurled thumb screws. Bellows straps are intact. I see zero play wear on this item. Proper compression . All bass plate feet are in place with a nice original bass hand strap . Case is fine As shown a few treble reeds need leathers recurved or replaced ( you can do !) ; ...

Item Specifics:

All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepted

Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy

Number of Treble Keys: 41

Number of Bass Keys: 120

Type: Piano Accordion

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