• Musical Instruments & Gear

    We Sell Vintage Records

    Music-lovers can find that vintage gem they’ve been searching for, by browsing our large catalogue of thousands of second hand records for sale! From your favourite Michael Jackson record to collectible Elvis records, record collectors will be in music heaven as you’ll be able to score some cheap prices on hard-to-find records.

    Browse the Best Music Storage Accessories

    What’s a record collection without it being organized? We don’t want your hundreds of precious records to be piling up on a table. To keep them stored nicely for easy-listening, you’ll find plenty of used storage & media accessories to get you organized.

    Score Vintage Cassettes & CD’s from The Most Popular Artists!

    If you still own a CD or cassette player, you’re in luck! Vintage music collectors who are searching for second-hand gems, will score great deals from the 1980’s and 1990’s in the cassettes and CD’s section. For music collectors who want to go way back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, laser discs, eight tracks are available along with other formats.

    If you’re interested in purchasing in wholesale lots, contact the seller first to find out the minimum quantities you need to order.

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