The Beatles - 4 LPs "Meet" "65" (#1) "R and R" "65" (#2) - LA Radio Sta. copies

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For sale is lot of 4 Beatles LPs. The #1 LP is "Meet the Beatles." This is from the collection of a LA radio station (not playing music for the past 20+ years). It is the version provided to radio stations with a file number and different cover than commercially sold versions. The #2 LP is "Beatles '65" (1 of 2 "Beatles '65" LPS). This is a standard version - has a plastic sleeve. The #3 LP is a "Beatles '65" (#2 of 2) radio station version. It has a different cover with filing numbers and wording on the edge, etc. The fourth is Rock and Roll Music - but this has ONLY 1 of the two records - side one and side 4. This was also a radio station version - with the back of the album cover being modified to show only Record 1 and 4 songs, and the extra cover section removed. The records haven'...

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Artist: The Beatles

Title: Meet the Beatles; Beatles '65; Rock and Roll Music

Genre: Rock

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