• Home & Garden

    Decorate Your Dream Home

    When it comes to second-hand furniture, we have a wide range of modern rugs & carpets on sale. For decorating bedrooms, we have different bedding sizes, just a mouse click away.

    Roll Up Your Home Make Over Sleeves

    For those of you who are flipping homes and love home renovations, you’ll find everything you need for home improvements to completely transform your house to make it uniquely your own. For home owners who love the best household items, you won’t be disappointed with the vast selection of major appliances to choose from.

    Create Your Outdoor Garden Paradise

    Half the fun of owning your dream home is creating your outdoor garden paradise. Whether you need a complete patio table set to a used barbeque grill, we can help you create the backyard of your dreams. Just check out the items in the yard, garden & outdoor living section for sale.

    Before you decide to place an offer on patio lounge furniture, we suggest you contact the seller on any questions you have regarding size requirements, colour, quantities, and shipping fees.

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