We LINEN BACK your 20 One-sheet size POSTERS

USD 455.0
16h 37min

Posterfix has been linen backing vintage posters for 31 years. We have many distinguished customers including museums, dealers, collectors, lawyers, doctors, movie producers etc. This set sale is an offer for our ARCHIVAL linen backing and restoration services: We will Linen back and color touch up your TWENTY original "US one-sheet" posters measuring not larger than roughly of 27 x 41 inches . Size substitutions OK as in 40 inserts or half sheets. Email questions. This offer does not provide restoration. Just straight linen backing. If your posters need: tape removal, bleaching, paper fills, touch up, it costs more. This winning bid is for straight. simple linmen backing of posters in "good health" We use only water-based/ ph neutral methods. We conserve posters to help them last longe...

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Size: 27 x 41 in

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