Poppy Parker - I Love How You Love Me Gift Set

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Poppy Parker I Love How You Love Me MIB. The only thing keeping this set from being just like NRFB is I took the doll out and the box has some definite age wear. Some warping on the flap edges and the cello window has come unglued. When I first started collecting Poppy Parker years ago this was my favorite, so I bought 5 or 6. In the photos the doll has her white bow in her hair. The white bow is also still attached to the box, so she came from another set or I used a white bow from another set. Either way you'll be getting two white bows with this auction. The only thing I noticed was a tiny imperfection on the inside of the panty hose on one leg. Photo seven, I believe. The early Poppys are the prettiest, I think. Matte complextions and a much nicer skin tone. More vibrant. A clean, s...

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