Poppy Parker - Endless Summer

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Poppy Parker Endless Summer MIB. The only thing keeping her from being just like NRFB is her tennis shoes are on her feet and not in the little plastic box they came in. That and her box has minor wear from handling and no shipper. Her stand was never removed and she has her original hair cello. The early Poppys are the prettiest. Matte complextions and a much nicer skin tone. Move vibrant. A clean, soft look the latest dolls don't have. I actually prefer the lashless dolls. A more youthful, innocent look. Amongst these first Poppys it could easily be argued Endless Summer is the lovliest. Gorgeous paint and hair color. Her coloring in the photos varies as the clouds rolled by, but the pics of her inside her box are probably most accurate, though the pink of the box doubtless has some s...

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