• Dolls & Bears

    Make Cuddly Creatures for Your Little One

    Who doesn’t love the warmth of a cuddly teddy bear? This classic toy can be made by kids who will learn how to create their own toys, just check out the wide selection of bear making supplies for sale online! We have thousands of stuffed animal and teddy bear brands to choose from like Winnie the Pooh and Care Bears with cheap prices!

    Shop Collectors’ and Kids’ Favorite Dolls

    Are you a vintage doll collector? Do your kids have a passion for Barbie dolls? You’re in luck! Feast your eyes on thousands of collectible second-hand dolls. There’s something for every doll collector of all ages and even cute accessories and doll houses are available!

    Browse the Best Doll Accessories of All Time!

    Kids simply love playing with dolls because it inspires imagination and bonding with a precious toy that is human-like. So, complete your doll collection with used dollhouse miniatures from the retro era. You’ll be sure to find the vintage doll you’ve always dreamed of. During arts & crafts time, a fun activity the kids can do is make paper dolls!

    If you’re interested in buying in wholesale lots, we suggest you contact the seller to find out the minimum quantity to order, before making an offer.

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