Lot of 42 (42pcs) A123 lower capacity LiFePO4 26650 cells (not 18650 Li-ion)

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Lot of 42 Lower Capacity A123 Systems ANR26650M1A LiFePO4 cells Various capacities ranging from 933mAh to 1292mAhAverage capacity is 1116mAhThat's a total of 46.9 Amp hours. These cells are much safer than standard 18650 li-ion cells, they are much more tolerant to being over charged and over discharged. Even-though the full charge voltage is 3.6V, the allowable maximum voltage is 4.2v (although this will eventually damage the cells). They are ideal for someone just cutting their teeth on the art of building battery packs. These cells are also ideally suited to replacing 6v or 12v lead acid batteries. For 6v, simply put two cells in series, and for 12v, 4 cells in series. With these 32 cells, one could build a 12v (lead-acid equivalent) battery by putting 4 groups of ten cells in parall...

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