Vintage old wood antique tube radio Emerson Mdl AM-131 A Real Beauty !!

USD 191.5
14h 55min

This is a very collectable 1937 Emerson 5 tube radio and it is simply gorgeous. This is the popular model AM-131. The size is 12.5" long x 8.5" tall x 7" deep. The cabinet is in beautiful condition and is very nicely refinished. There are very nice Walnut and Maple veneers. Nice dark colors and plenty of wood grains throughout. The dial face is very good and has the popular winged design pointer. The dial Bezel has been polished. There are big rounded corners and a very nice wrap around speaker grill. The three original knobs have been cleaned and resealed with center knob being a Tone knob. There is a new dial cover, new dial lamp, new AC Power cord, and new Filter/Audio capacitors installed. The 5 tubes have been tested and the remaining components were checked & replaced if needed. T...

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