1937 Zenith Mdl 807 Table Model Radio - Fully Restored!

USD 235.5
1d 20h 16min

Offered for your consideration is a fully restored 1937 Zenith Mdl 807 Table Model Radio. This beautiful 5-tube Superheterodyne Art-deco set was meticulously restored for your listening and viewing pleasure. The chassis was cleaned, shafts and tuning bearings lubricated, new mounting grommets installed on the tuning condenser, tubes tested for emission, capacitors and discrepant resistors replaced, dial lamps replaced, new line cord installed, chassis aligned, with a final burn-in test of the unit to ensure proper operation and reliability. The chassis is in particularly clean condition and operates with excellent selectivity and audio performance. The four knobs serve the following: On/Off, Tuning, American/Foreign broadcast, and high/low tone control. This set also includes a new audi...

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Brand: Zenith

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