Japanese WWll Naval officer's sword in kaigunto mountings "Tenshozan"

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This is a Japanese WWll Naval officer`s sword in kaigunto mountings. The blade is signed "Tensho-zan Tanrenjo kitae kore 天照山鍛錬場鍛之", dated "Showa Juroku-nen San-gatsu kichijitsu (lucky day March, 1941 昭和十六年三月吉日", shinogi-zukuri shape, WWll period made blade. The blade is made of anti rust steel, in original polish, shows light scratces but no rust, no stain and in good condition. The temper line is chusuguba temper pattern and has deep temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada no opening, no blister and no forging flaws at all. There is no bend, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The scabbard is ray-skin covered wood scabbard, no tear, no dents, no crack, no bend and in good condition. The handle is tight fit, tsuka-ito wrapping is no c...

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Country of Manufacture: Japan

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