Japanese WWll Army officer's sword in mountings, Gendaito "Masayasu"

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This is a Japanese WWll Army officer`s sword in mountings. The blade is signed "Bushu ju Masayasu 尾州住正泰", shinogi-zukuri shape, WWll time period ca. 1940 era made blade. Masayasu`s real name is Mano Masayasu, lived in Aichi prefecture, made swords during WWll time and after the war as a Gendai smith, listed in John Slough's book page 108. The blade is traditional hand forged, in old polish, shows fine scratches but no rust, no stain and in good condition. The temper line is wavy chusuguba with koashi-iri temper and has deep temper at the point. There is no bend, no nick, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The scabbard is heavy metal scabbard, no lacquer loss, no dent, no bend and in excellent condition. The handle is tight fit, tsuka-ito wrapping is no cut, no loose and in go...

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Country of Manufacture: Japan

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