Canon F-1, Motor Drive MF, Rare Connecting Cord & 50/1.4 FD Lens. Clean & works

USD 380.0
14h 55min

Today you are bidding on another one of my collections of Canon Motor Drive MF, original Canon F-1 body, very rare remote connecting cord, & Canon FD 50 mm F 1.4 prime lens. The details are listed below: 1. Canon Original F-1 body (S.N. 171747), with Canon body cap. An Energizer V625 cell is pre-installed for meter power. It's equipped with very nice leather strap harness that prevent metal rubbing against the corners of top plate. 2. Canon Motor Drive MF (S.N. 46322). 3. Canon Grip MF. It requires 10 AA-alkaline batteries (not included). 4. Very rare Canon Connecting Cord for Grip MF (as shown on images #1 & 8). 5. Canon FD 50 mm F 1.4 lens (S.N. 5769149). A Black's Skylight 1A filter lens (made in Japan), OEM front lens cap and bayonet mt rear lens cap are included. I spent more than ...

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