1914 Pictorial Review ORIGINAL Fashion & Pattern Pages, from FALL of 1914

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To see more like these and OTHER Vermilion Vintage items: go here Vermilion Vintage Member of the Costumer's Guild West, International Costume Guild and Costume Society of America. presents 1914 Pictorial Review Magazine ~ Fall Pattern Offerings ~ ~ Description ~ It is unfortunate that a previous owner removed the pattern pages from several Pictorial Review issues and discarded the rest of the magazine that would have put these fashions in context of it's era. As it is, however, these pages have been protected fairly well since then and the images and fabric suggestions and construction details are all preserved. This large format magazine measures 16" x 11" and has 4 sequential two-sided pages. The pages indicate that the patterns are described in further detail in "The Fashion Book, F...

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Publication Name: Pictorial Review

Subject: Fashion

Issue Type: Monthly

Year Published: 1914

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