1901 McCall's "The Queen of Fashion" November, COLOR Plates, Sewing Patterns

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To see more like these ---and OTHER Vermilion Vintage items: go here Vermilion Vintage Member of the Costumer's Guild West, International Costume Guild and Costume Society of America. presents 1901 McCall's Magazine "The Queen of Fashion" ~ November, Color Plates, Home Sewing Patterns ~ ~ Description ~ This is an early issue of McCall's Magazine during the Belle Epoque era when it was subtitled "The Queen of Fashion." Since McCall's is the advertising vehicle for their home line of sewing patterns, this issue contains some stunning illustrations of walking and promenade costumes, an opera cape, waists, blouses, skirts, girls' dresses, military blouse jackets, boys' suits, nightowns, undergarments, and MORE. This small format magazine is 11" x 8" and has about 60 pages. ~ Historical Back...

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Year: 1901

Brand: McCall Pattern Company

Publication Name: McCall's

Issue Type: Monthly

Month: November

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