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Michelle Post


Photo sent in From Michelle Post

After One Day of Picking in her Garden!

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washington Post

Originally published in the Washington Post

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Florian Tools is a family owned business that has been making their tools in the U.S.A. for several decades and has a long-held reputation for excellence and customer service. I like their sturdy ratchet hand pruners and heavy-duty long handled loppers that make trimming easy easy on you and your shrubs."

Excerpt from the Hartford Courant - 2010

Andy Spakoski, a moonlighting landscaper of 18 years in East Windsor, CT who visited the Big E last September to purchase Florian Tools had this to say: "I love it." They're awesome," he says, adding that Florian tools make jobs take less time. "You can be in and out." Not only does he find the tools more effective than cheaper varieties, but he is also pleased to be buying a product made in Southington. "Anything American-made, I'll buy it. You better believe it."

As seen in Mother Earth News - April/May 2010

Originally Printed More Tools for Wiser Living

"These ratcheting tools are especially well suited for anyone with arthritis or diminished strength. I've been using both the pruner and the maxi lopper for about 20 years now, and these tools are so powerful and durable that I would never choose any other brand."  - Cheryl Long

As seen in Organic Gardening Magazine - Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Issue/Recommended Hand Pruners

Pruning shears vary in size, cutting mechanism, extra features, and ease of use.

Ratchet or gear-type pruners use a mechanism similar to a car jack that multiplies hand strength, making pruning cuts easier. They're recommended for gardeners whose hand strength has been diminished by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Ratchet pruners can be anvil or bypass types.  

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Dear Florian Facebook:

I have been using Florian since 1973 . The best pruners you can buy.  Florian return policy is fantastic, every once and a while they will replace my pruners . Working with two now. My loppers i (sic) bought in 1975-76 are still working well. Thats 30 years + Pruner also bought in the 1980+ somewhere still working well. These tools are the best you can get for your self. easy to use easy on your hands...Larry (Larry Z)

Wow Larry - Thirty Years!!!!!


Beverly pruner user gardener ratchet cut

Dear Florian Tools ~

I have used Florian clippers for many years. I bought my first pair at the Fairgrounds at Home & Garden Show in Eugene, Oregon. Someone had a booth and was demonstrating how he could cut a 1" limb by using the ratchet feature on these clippers. I was hooked. I think I paid $7.95 for them which seemed like a lot to me at the time.That would probably have been in the early 70's or earlier. I have... purchased 4 pr for myself over the years (one ended up in the trash pile by accident and were never found) and I have purchased 2 other pair for friends because I like these clippers SO much. Now that I am pushing 80 I like them even more because they are so easy to use with their ratchet feature. I can cut limbs and twigs no problem. I won't be without a pair as long as I garden. Bev  (Beverly H)

We love it Beverly!  Thanks and you don't look a day over 60!



A Show Customer

I was made aware of your exchange program at the Seattle Flower Show. I have to admit I was skeptical but sent off my beloved but failing ratchet-cut shears. Beautiful new ones have arrived.  What a great service!

Thank You,

Sallie M

A Loyal Customer...

I have been a loyal customer of Florian Tools for many years. It all began with a gift of your big serious loppers many years ago. Don't know where the loppers were purchased, but, they worked so well, until I overworked them which led to a replacement of the same two years ago.

(I did not realize that your company was so close by. I exited the post office in Marion, CT, headed north, and there was Florian Tools to my right.)

Now I have three sizes of loppers, the king size, medium, and hand-held pruner.  The ratcheting device makes cutting easy, though I have to exert some muscle.  So please with workmanship and durability as well as ease of use.  (Regularly clean off tools to make sure they are ready for the next use into my woods.)

Though I could use a tree man on retainer, your tools have helped me make navigable paths for my doggie and me into the woods, especially after "Irene" and the October snowstorm.

Thank you for producing products that the average homeowner can use to manage cleanup, with ease.

Joan C

Cheshire, CT

As seen on Gardeners Supply Website

The ratchet feature allows it to be used by the weak and strong alike. It is a necessity for all gardeners! I would recommend this to a friend.

The Grammy - An Avid Gardener


Another Gardener's Supply Customer

I have long handled ratcheting clippers, but they are awkward to use in some places.  These are great! I am impressed at the diameter of branch they will clip.


Vassar, MI

pink pruner

Repeat Customer!

So glad to find your website because I think I threw away my hand pruner with an armful of plant debris mixed with it.  I cannot work with any others as well.  I had it for almost 20 years and I have been desolate without this wonderful shears! Thanks for such great quality. 

Bea H

South Carolina

In support of Breast Cancer Research...

The best rachet hand pruner ever. Got it at the Washington, DC Home Show several years ago. It gets used a lot and it's still working great. Got the pink one in support of Breast Cancer research. Highly recommend it.

- C Butts (FaceBook Fan)

Buying in Twos 

Thank you.  I think I bought my original pair at a gun show/knife booth.  I wore them out and went to our local hardware store this morning to try to replace them.  I ended up with a heavy pair of Fiskars.  The store owner said her Florian's were worn out too so if I found them to order a pair for her.  She picked hers up at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Barbara D.

Walkersville, Maryland

Please send new pair to my location....

I am in Louisiana working on Wedding Floral Designs and left my pruners at home.  Have to have them - none other takes the place of Florian. Thank you.

Joan N

Monroe, North Carolina

A Gift For Family

I bought a ratcht lopper for my mother years ago and she loved it.  She passed away a year ago, so when going through her stuff I claimed the ratchet lopper.  My brother really like the and so this one is a gift for him.  You sell great stuff!

Jane N

Wallingford, Connecticut

Made in USA Fan

Glad to see your (sp) still making them in the USA, that's a big plus for me and if they work well I make sure others know about them

James W

Merrimack, New Hampshire

No Comparison

We own three of your pruners and LOVE them all. We have purchased copies and were not at all satisfied. Great product.

Susan T

Claremont, California

Made to Last

The ratchet pruners I had were over 26 years old when they broke.  I decided to google the name to see if they were still manufactured. Found your website and bought another pair. I was bummed when they broke. Glad to see you still make them.  Hope these last another 26 years.

Mark S

Beverly Hills, MI

Brand Loyal!

Bought my first pair several years ago and won't use anything else!

Mary S

Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Easy on the hands!

We really like these pruning cutters and have used them for 20 years. There are easy to use. And my wife has trouble with her hands. So thank you for your product.

Dennis C

Lockney, TX

Love that Ratchet quality...

I just love this ratchet pruning tool (Florian ratchet only) these can not compare to other pruners - surprisingly so easy to use - always seems sharp after years of use - getting a second pair.  Hoping the quality is still the same!

Alice F

Rochester, NH

Just Have to Share...

I bought one for myself at the Richmond Flower Show and it is so empowering that I am buying them for my daughters.

Dorian D

Richmond, VA

Tough Brand..

Dang you guys make a tough pare of pruners....

Dan B

Sevierville, TN

Best Clippers

I bought several as gifts at a garden show at SCC on Spokane WA some years ago. I have lost mine. It is/was the best clipper I have ever owned.

Myrna S

Spokane, WA

Easy work, easy on the hands!

 I realized today, while doing yard work (with Florians of course), that the two of us now simply leave all the other hand tools idle -- in favor of the Florians. During the last six years (starting when we got our first Florian tools) we have evolved to using exclusively the Florian pruners and hand saws. All the other miscellaneous types and brands of pruners and handsaws just sit idle now! (The Florian pruners in particular work better, work easier, and don't hurt your hands [not that day, nor the next! which other hand pruners normally did!].) And no, I don't work for Florian, and have nothing to gain by this statement. But our Florian tools are WELL worth the purchase price(s)!

Paul K

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Repeat Customer buy New to Online

 I love your tools, I bought my first ratchet pruner at a home and garden show about 10 years ago. I was so amazed by the quality, and ease of use, even on oversized branches, I went back and bought another. For years I went back, season after season, and bought more and more of your products for myself and for gifts. The rep wasn't at the Concord, CA show this year, so my husband ordered me a couple new tools online, and I love my new purple pruner. I hope to see the rep at the Concord show again next season.

Sheila S

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Still Going Strong...

Friends - these are BY FAR the best pruners I have ever used. Nothing comes close. I can prune small twigs up to about a 1" branch with little or no effort. I bought a pair at a Home & Garden show probably 15 years ago and they are still going strong, although its time for a cleaning and sharpening. For $12 I can return my old pair and they will send me a brand new pair. How's that for customer service! Truly, I can't say enough...

Erin D.R.

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